WWE’s “Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come” Is Best for Business

It is always an interesting moment when we are given the opportunity to look into the lives of some of our favorite wrestlers. To learn how the figures we’ve come to idolize over the years came to be provides us with insight as to how much these people have sacrificed just to get to where they are today.

In this writer’s humble opinion, none have even come close to the story of Paul “Triple H” Levesque, as told in the new documentary, “Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come.” From beginning to end, you are taken on the ultimate learning experience, beginning with his humble upbringing in New Hampshire, to the reputation Triple H has created as “The Game,” the man who has arguably set the standard for professional wrestling for years to come.

For the first time, you are shown a new side of Levesque; you see Paul Levesque, the son of an average American family who had the passion and determination to get himself noticed at an early age. The story of Levesque’s start in professional wrestling begins quite like any other, but with one slight difference. Never has a competitor’s work ethic been so highly praised as it has for Levesque.

Terry Taylor, Ric Flair and The Undertaker (who we see in a rare “out-of-character” appearance) are some of the names you’ll hear early on that constantly refer to Levesque’s ability to work harder than anyone else in order to achieve success. This certainly gives validation to everything we have seen out of “The Game” for more than a decade.

In this tell-all story of the 13-time world champion, you will witness the meteoric ascent of a man who was once known as the Greenwich Blue Blood into superstardom and being known as the face of a company.

What makes this documentary truly exemplary is the story that is told of Levesque, the family man. Confessions from almost the entire McMahon family reveal how beneath the tough exterior of the Cerebral Assassin lies the heart of a loving father, who despite his busy life of an on-air personality and upper-level executive, still makes time to do his job as an exceptional husband and father.

Another great feature that is provided is the look that is taken into the creative mind of Triple H. To see how much he has contributed to the stars of tomorrow and to witness his work to further the industry of professional wrestling gives the opportunity to take time and appreciate exactly how far the business has come.

Filled with hours of classic matches highlighting his career and countless testimonials from those whose lives he has impacted the most, this documentary is definitely a must-watch for those who truly appreciate the sport we’ve known to love.

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  • Albert T

    It’ll be interesting to see if this DVD sells well or not. At my local K-Mart, it’s already been priced down to $14.99, so they may be preparing for low sales from the beginning.

  • MinusDarrin

    I respectfully disagree with you Mr. Diaz. In my opinion the C.M. Punk story is a much better tale. While the Triple H story is amazing I believe it falls to second best behind Punk’s. Triple H never really had any hurdles, according to the documentary he got in to WCW and WWE fairly easily. While in the respective companies he was never really held back by anything besides injuries and things that were his fault. However Punk was held back for years by management because they did not see anything in him. My point is Punk had to fight, scratch, and claw to get to where he is today, where as Triple H just had to show up. I am not saying that H did not fight to get where he is and I am in no way saying that his marriage had anything to do with it, because that had nothing to do with it. I am saying that Punk had to fight a little harder and prove everyone wrong where no one ever doubted Triple H. This was a great review and spot on I only disagree with that one statement at the beginning.