Triple H Working For Linda McMahon’s Senate Campaign

Believe it or not, Triple H has been hired by Linda McMahon’s campaign for United States Senate to go door-to-door and encourage fellow Connecticut residents to vote for his mother-in-law. Hunter is also a resident of Connecticut and was recently promoted to an executive position in WWE.

He’s scheduled to return to the ring soon as he’s been out with neck and triceps injuries.

  • Katrina

    Is HHH coming back this month? It has been said that he is….as well, is he the new gm?

  • Johnny

    I’ve also been hearing rumors that Hunter is the new GM.I hope that this is true as it will make for one really awesome twist with his character and as all of Triple H’s fans know,there hasn’t been a really good twist and storyline for him that has involved him having power over the entire WWE since the McMahon/Helmsley era and I think that that story was really the best one for him.Now,if it turns out that he is the GM,that would be so very cool and,once again,it will be game on for him and I will avidly be watching Raw again.Raw is beginning to get very boring and mundane and repetitive and I’m beginning to lose interest in it but,if Hunter returns as the GM,then I will,once again,be watching it,attentively.So,here’s to hoping that Triple H is the GM,otherwise,Raw is really going to turn into a flop.I’m keeping my fingers crossed!