Triple H’s Response When Asked About Signing Matt Morgan, Xavier Woods To Main Roster

– When Matt Morgan’s name was brought up to Triple H about being hired, Triple H’s reported response is that they are spending millions of dollars on the new Performance Center so their focus is on developing younger guys on their own to bring in as opposed to experienced older guys. Obviously if it was a bigger name there could be an exception made, but that is WWE’s mentality in most cases going forward.

– NXT star Xavier Woods is scheduled to become a regular on WWE TV soon. WWE dropped the Big Show petition angle he was involved in so they’re waiting for a new storyline reason to have Woods debut. As noted before, WWE sees Woods as a great PR representative for the company because of his educational background.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Rawr

    Typical WWE and their storyline continuity

  • Fuuudge

    Wait till Woods meets HHH’s shovel.