Trish Stratus Reveals Why She Left WWE & Talks Working WWE’s Crazy Schedule

Trish Stratus revealed in an interview with ESPN why she left WWE several years ago.

“People thought I retired to start a family, but I was just ready to leave the business,” Stratus said. “Athletically, I achieved everything I wanted to, and I’d worked with everyone I wanted to. I was really fulfilled. It felt right.”

The former WWE Diva also revealed what her crazy schedule was like being on the road.

“The wrestling schedule is really crazy,” Stratus said. “In the seven years that I wrestled, the only time I had off was for injuries — a broken thumb, broken ankle, broken nose, herniated disk. I used to feel like it was a crazy pace with no time to think, but I went back after my back injury and, though it was the same crazy schedule, I was looking at it with different eyes.”

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    Trish is a legend.