Trish Stratus Talks Breaking Away From “Eye Candy” Image, WWE SMS Ends, Mick Foley

– Trish Stratus was asked how difficult it was to break away from the “eye candy” image during a recent Q&A with SLAM! Wrestling.

“Harder than you think!,” she replied. “Remember – this was an era where ‘we want puppies!’ was chanted more than just about anything else in WWE arenas. To try to break away from that image, it was a matter of having to go out there and re-educate the fans on what we female performers could deliver in the ring. I knew that each time we stepped into the ring, we had a chance to showcase a different side and for me, I made a point to showcase an athletic performer – one who kicked ass!”

– Yesterday’s airing of Saturday Morning Slam may have been the last episode as it is not scheduled to air next week. As noted earlier, WWE and CW officials are scheduled to meet and discuss a possible second season, which would begin in the fall if it’s picked up.

– Mick Foley was asked who would win in a fight between Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love, during an interview with Kerrang.

“Probably The Dude,” Foley replied. “He’d run away, let the other two pretty much kill each other, then swoop in for the easy victory. It would be mind over matter!”