Trish Stratus Talks On HOF, Rock vs. Cena, Divas At WM28

Former WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus spoke with The Miami Herald about acting, WrestleMania and more this past week. Trish revealed that currently she has no plans to attend the big event in Miami next Sunday. Here are some highlights from the in-depth interview:


Edge's Hall of Fame induction and herself going in:
"I’m so proud of him. I think Adam does deserve it. I think it’s very fitting the way his career came to an end. This is just an amazing exclamation point for that. For me, of course, it was like winning the women’s championship. I went into the business hoping to become the best women’s wrestler ever and winning the women’s championship was the ultimate goal. As I wrapped up my career the ultimate goal was to leave a legacy and be remembered for everything I did. So a WWE Hall of Fame induction is something that would be a way of recognizing that. One could only hope."


A second season of Tough Enough:
"Absolutely zero word. I think there is a focus on the launch of the WWE Network, and that is a huge undertaking. I think once there is a clear idea on individual programming, I think that is when we will get a clear idea if or when there would be a season two. It’s a timing thing. I had a great time doing it. When they called me, I happened to be available. So if I’m available, and they have me back, of course I would entertain it."


The Rock vs. John Cena:
"It’s hard for me to answer that question because I can answer as a fan or a booker. To be honest, after watching in the past weeks, I’m not sure what they are going to do. Vince is sneaky. The minute you think he is going to go this way, there is a swerve on you. It was like my WrestleMania with [Chris] Jericho. I thought we were going walk away as this new babyface couple until I got there that day when I found out I was about to have my heel turn. I’m telling you eight months of storyline leading up to me and Jericho being the big babyface couple who were going to be this sarcastic. corky, babyface couple that we really haven’t seen before. We were really excited about it. Vince brought us into a room and said, ‘You know, I have this idea.’ Nobody knew what to think. His instinct was super dead on. It really took my career in a whole different direction, which was great. Vince has that way of dealing it out. I’m just interested and going in not know what is going to happen. I’m feeling it is going to be as iconic as the Hulk Hogan/Rock match at WrestleMania 18 with that same energy in the building. I’m excited to see that."


How she would have booked Divas at WrestleMania 28:
"If I was booking it, I would have had Kharma and Beth run strong leading up to ‘Mania. I think that would be an epic match. I really do. I would love to see those two go. It’s funny how Twitter can give you a real pulse about what the fans are thinking. Initially, people were telling me that Beth and I would be amazing. Then of course Kharma came back at the Royal Rumble and people said Kharma and I would be amazing. Now, with the Eve storyline, they are saying Eve and I would be amazing. So it’s interesting to see the minute there is a highlight on TV I get that. Kharma coming back was an exciting moment because they saw her and Beth as two characters that can really see go."

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