Twitter Drama With Sasha Banks and Lana After Comments Made By Melina

There was a bit of Twitter drama between Lana, Sasha Banks and the WWE Universe earlier today after Lana liked a few tweets made by former WWE Women’s Champion Melina. As seen below, the tweets were in reference to Sasha Banks losing to Alicia Fox on this week’s RAW. Lana liked the following tweets by Melina:

Fans saw Lana liking these tweets and took it as The Ravishing Russian dissing The Boss. Lana responded to the criticism with this tweet:

Sasha then tweeted the following, an apparent response to Lana:

Sasha, Summer Rae and some of their friends then started using the “#BL2017” hashtag, which fans are assuming means “Block Lana 2017” after Lana tweeted on how she would block anyone who left negative comments for her: