Two Possible Gimmick Matches At SummerSlam, Brie Bella vs. Stephanie Latest, Tag Team Titles

Word came out this weekend that Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella may actually take place at Night of Champions in September instead of SummerSlam in August. We should know more after tonight’s RAW.

Regarding Paige vs. AJ Lee and Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, word is that both of those matches will be some kind of gimmick match.

There’s also talk of doing a Fatal 4 Way match for the WWE Tag Team Titles with The Usos, Erick Rowan & Luke Harper and two other teams.


  • FlawlessRKO

    Paige vs. AJ in a two out of three falls submission match!

    • Dissonance

      Shame we couldn’t see these two battle in Attitude Era type of gimmick match ;). Couldn’t resist.

  • Adnan

    Surely Jericho vs Bray would be a gimmick match , and WWE should add another tag team I.e. Goldust and Stardust and do a TLC triple tag match

    • Dissonance

      I think they’ll hold off on gimmick til Night of Champions after Bray gets his win.

  • Xx_Deadpool_xX

    The Ascension is coming

  • cj

    Aj lee vs Paige first ever WWE diva’s ladder match ………. Long stretch I know , but it’ll probably be an I quit / submission match .

  • Dustin Starr

    The Uso’s vs The Wyatt Family vs Rybaxel vs Stardust/Goldust

  • Paul Petit-Frere

    Well that sucks, i wanted Steph vs. Brie at Summerslam. But i’m looking forward to see who the 2 other teams for the Fatal-4-Way tag match are.

    • Das

      Rybaxel and Goldust & Stardust imo.

  • Dissonance

    For godssakes, just bring up The Ascension.

  • Rico

    A Bra and Panties Match, I can only hope. :3

  • Rico

    Seriously though, Paige vs. AJ in a Submission/I Quit match would be great. Put Ambrose/Rollins in an Extreme Rules match and let them tear it up. Also, please let Harper and Rowan win the tag titles this time!!!

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Way to water down one of the Big 4 PPV’s, not only are we not getting Reigns vs HHH but now this?

    Atleast we get to see Ambrose vs Rollins.. i hope.