Two Possible WrestleMania 31 Opponents For Brock Lesnar, Backstage News On SummerSlam

Published On 04/12/2014 | By Staff | News

We noted before that The Rock is expected to work WrestleMania 31 next year and is the leading candidate for the 2015 Hall of Fame class. Word this week is that WWE is considering Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock or Brock Lesnar vs. Cesaro for WrestleMania 31.

Another huge match that WWE has penciled into their plans is for this year’s SummerSlam – Triple H vs. Roman Reigns.


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  • theripperdannyb

    That is huge!

    I hope if this is accurate its Cesaro, I really dont want Rock getting hurt. Brock is a bloody liability, he’s only ever managed to have one mania match where no one got hurt!

  • Jonathan Baylor

    Wish Brock would go away and stay away for good. Never did like him.

  • Bryan Thomas

    I think ambrose ill keep that belt until summerslam. He will end up having 455 day reign

  • Bryan Thomas

    Roman has gotten a little better as of late. He still has nothing to fill in between his big moves though.

  • FearTheSpear

    as much as i love the rock, i don’t want to see him wrestle anymore. let the guys who have been wrestling day in and day out with the company get a shot.

    & yes triple h vs roman reigns for summerslam sounds AWESOME!

    • Sir William McCormick

      Keep all part timers away. They don’t wrestle every day, but Triple H is good. Yay!

      • James Tebrucio Luna

        Keep all part timers away but Triple H is good? Triple H is Technically a Part Timer…

        • ksedude

          No, he’s not a part timer. Triple H has been a full time wrestler for a couple decades now. He no longer wrestles every night, but he is an executive in the company. The Rock is a part timer because he left the company completely for 7 years to make movies and now only shows up every once in a while. Brock is a part timer because he left the company as well and has a history of showing up and leaving again. That’s not dedication to WWE. The Rock vs. Brock was awesome back in like 2002 when Brock got the clean win. Now I would have no interest at all in the match. They’ll probably do it though to draw curiosity from an outside audience.

          • James Tebrucio Luna

            i doubt it but never say never but the whole part timer thing i usually define by how often they compete and HHH as far as i remember has only done like 3-4 matches a year

          • James Tebrucio Luna

            just my opinon tho… everyone has one

          • ksedude

            He wrestled all the time until the last few years. He hasn’t always only wrestled part time lol. Once he got older he slowed down though yeah

    • Sir William McCormick

      I was joking with my fellow commenter because they said that part timers are better off leaving the time for the guys who are there wrestling everyday, but then went to say how Triple H vs. Reigns is going to be awesome. I was joking because Trips only wrestles for a few matches a year. All in good fun.

      • FearTheSpear

        huh? I’m not sure if that’s an apology or not, but rest assured I didn’t take offense to what you said. I did seem to contradict myself after all lol. Granted I don’t really want to see triple h wrestle, but at the same time it’s not like he left the wwe. I do believe that HHH should stop inserting himself so much into these storylines, but Roman Reigns vs HHH just sounds like it could be awesome with the right build up

        • James Tebrucio Luna


      • James Tebrucio Luna

        oh my bad didn’t know you were joking lol thought you were being completely serious for a sec…. sorry

  • Cody Cosmos

    Don’t get your hopes up. Plans like these could & will eventually change over the coarse of a year; A Cesaro vs. Brock would be a phenomenal match tho!

  • Necro

    I really hope it’s Cesaro, Cesaro could make that match so worth watching it’s not even funny!

  • Nick Mancuso

    How about Bryan holds the title till Summerslam, loses it to Lesnar in a brutal match, then Bryan wins to Rumble and faces Lesnar in the main event of Mania, and Bryan winning in a huge “upset”…. Obviously it’d never work because Lesnar would never appear on that many Raws and for that long of a time, but I can dream can’t It?