Tyler Black Discusses John Cena vs. CM Punk, More

Seth Rollins, also known as Tyler Black, posted a blog today discussing the upcoming match between John Cena & CM Punk. For those who don’t know, Rollins is currently in the WWE developmental system. Below is an excerpt of his blog:

There aren’t many moments in the long and storied history of our great, albeit sometimes insane business that can be pointed to as landscape changing or generation defining. Hogan and Andre, and Bret and Austin are two that come to mind off the top of my head. Tonight in Chicago, Punk and Cena have an opportunity to add their names to that short list…and I’m proud to say that at least for tonight, I’m still a fan.

I’ve always been a fan, of course, that’s why we all (the “wrestlers” left here, anyway) get into this. But over the past 5 years I’ve slowly felt my fandom fade away as this business has turned into a monopoly and the integrity of all that we loved growing up has somehow taken a back seat to the almighty dollar sign. And I’m no different in the regard that part of my dream has always been accented by making a nice living for me and mine. I’m proud to say though, no matter what people might think, I’ve never let money consume or overwhelm my loyalty to the artistic merit of this beautiful American artform. And I’m not alone. Dreamers and artists and heroes do exist, but as frustrated as we’ve become, as jaded as things have gotten, as hard as we all fight, none of us have had the power to change things-to shatter the archetype…until now.