UFC’s Dana White Says The WWE Network Will Devalue WWE’s Product, Talks Vince McMahon

UFC President Dana White says the WWE Network devalues WWE’s product and the UFC won’t be following suit.

According to FOX Sports, Dana discussed the WWE Network at a luncheon this week:

“It’s ridiculous. I hate to sound like I’m attacking the WWE or (I) devalue what they did because Vince McMahon, say whatever you want — and he’s always smashing us and talking s—t about us, but I will tell you this, I was watching WWE I was a little kid and Vince was the commentator in WWE — this guy has been kicking ass, breaking rules and doing things that people said he couldn’t do over and over and over again. Now I’m older I don’t get the whole thing, it doesn’t work for me, but what he’s able to do, the ratings he’s able to pull and the things he’s done … And when I look at his model and he’s basically taking everything in and devalued it. Saying everything we do is worth $10. That doesn’t make sense to me,” White said during a media luncheon on Monday.”

“If he pulls in 2 million subscribers, he’s crushing it. So it’s a risky move, it’s a crazy move, but Vince has been doing risky, crazy s—t since the beginning of time. If anybody can do it, maybe Vince can do it.”

  • Mike Churneftsky

    Mr.McMahon is known for taking chances! Dana White might even need to consider this for the UFC at one point or another. WWE knows what they are getting into. They did not get where they are today by playing it safe, if WrestleMania failed they were done, WCW nearly took them out of business and they changed their ENTIRE business going TV-14. Vince and the rest of the WWE know what they are getting into and Dana White will soon learn that

  • David Garcia

    Whether fans understand or not, Dana is merely expressing the reality that WWE is cannibalizing a profitable part of their business on a risky proposition…and by risky I simply mean success is not guaranteed.

    As proof of the risk I would point to Batista, Sting, Hogan, Piper, Warrior, NOA, Nash, Flair, HBK, Duggan,etc and whoever else WWE is talking about bringing back around. What this tells me is they’re not 100% that the 2014 fanbase can support the venture, so they want to draw the attention of the lapsed fan who maybe they can sell on the library offerings.

    Dana is just pointing out that Vince is risking security for an unknown and that’s just pointing out reality.

  • TheUndertaker21

    don’t worry Dana!, I am sure Vince will duplicate that price after 6 months! 10$ is only for gaining some popularity!