UK Promoter Says Drew McIntyre Is Being Wasted In WWE, Talks On Sheamus & More

Owner of UK based British Championship Wrestling, Graham McKay, recently appeared on The Big WrestleShark Show. Here are some highlights.

Drew McIntyre: “He’s getting wasted in WWE. You look at the 3MB set up: three of the best guys they’ve got in that company and they are totally wrecking them. He was supposed to get the big push, he was the next big thing. Bret Hart has spoken to Vince about Drew, Roddy Piper has spoken to Vince about Drew, but nothing seems to be happening. Drew doesn’t let much on about what’s happening, but I said to him a couple of weeks ago that he’s getting ruined. He didn’t say much but he seems quite happy with what he’s doing. So I don’t know if they have plans for him, but I don’t see how they can repair what they’re doing to him right now. Drew’s ability is so much more advanced than what WWE will let him do. He is so technically minded. Him and Sheamus got signed at the same time, they’re best friends: they would have great matches.”

Sheamus signing with WWE: “Sheamus was actually in two minds over whether or not to go for the WWE try-out. He’s that little bit older, he’s in his 30s, he had a good job in Dublin and was very well paid. So he was in two minds, because obviously if you get through the try-out you go to developmental, you can spend two or three years there and get nothing. So it was a big risk for him to go for that and potentially come back to no job. Believe it or not it was Drew that convinced him to go for the try-out.”

Chris Masters appearing for BCW: “You get a lot of American workers come over and they are lazy. They’re going to get paid either way: Chris worked so, so hard to get people over. He’s such a hard-working man. He should be signed back up.”

Getting punched by Raven: “I came backstage after managing the match before, and Alex Shane grabs my collar and pulls me out the curtain saying ‘come on, you’re managing me.’ He gave me this spot at the end where I was to jump up and get hit by Raven, but the referee messed up and accidentally counted the 1-2-3. So Raven started getting pretty upset, and when I jumped up on the apron Raven punched me full force in the face… then I had to pay him. It can be great to have Americans over… but you get the good ones and bad ones.”

Thinking he had killed Marty Jannetty: “I once thought he was dead. He mixed UK Paracetamol (mild pain killers) with US Paracetamol. I went in to wake him up and he had been sick blood all over the pillow and he wasn’t moving. I thought ‘my god, I’ve just killed Marty Jannetty.’ But I shook him, and he just kind of woke up with no idea what I was so worried about… it’s crazy.”

Bret Hart’s medical condition: “There were a few things he was talking about backstage when he was over to work in England. For example, if he turns his head to fast in one direction he loses all sight, gets dizzy and may collapse; so he has to be careful even getting in the ring. That’s why when he does the Sharpshooter there is a possibility that he may lose sight and keel over. That’s why he does it very, very slowly now. And yet, you book him in the UK and he will still sell out shows. Last time he was over to promote his book and they had to close off a couple of streets for him.”

Trying to book Roddy Piper: “I still have the email in my phone, he would only come over to work for BCW if I could get him a part in an Irn Bru advert. He said he had just been over and would have no reason to come back otherwise. I was just like, I’ve got enough troubles trying to promote a show without trying to get him a role in an advert.”