Ultimate Warrior Calls Out Hulk Hogan For Censoring His Fans

Former WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior posted a video this evening calling out Hulk Hogan for censoring his fans, the Warriors, on Twitter. Some of his followers informed him that they were blocked by Hogan on the micro-blogging site for voicing their opinion.

Warrior said, “Hey Terry! Rumor has it that the Warriors trying to get into your social networking party over there are being shut out. What’s up with that, BROTHA?! And to think you used to be such the party animal. I mean what’s wrong, you don’t have the guts for the game anymore now that the playing field is level? That’s ashame. I was hoping to come through the front door, get a hug, one of those womanly handshakes. That’s okay, man. Me and the Warriors, we’re going to make our way through the wall! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

You can watch the video below:

As reported earlier today, Warrior has set up a Twitter account at twitter.com/ultimatewarrior. He has since posted several messages disparaging Hogan.

He wrote, “Today has been very inspiring. Thanks Warriors! You guys are the best! To those asking- Hogan’s demise began the day he left Vince.”

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