Ultimate Warrior To Post Video Response To Kevin Nash

The ongoing saga between Kevin Nash and the Ultimate Warrior continues. To recap, earlier this week, Warrior responded to a tweet from one of his fans asking why he doesn’t dye his hair like Nash and come back for one more run. Warrior said that he’s “not a dickhead who thrives on stealing the limelight from young guys.”

Nash fired back with a scathing rant on Twitter, calling Warrior a clown and a “c–t” and challenging him to an MMA-rules shoot fight with $100,000 on the line. After a day or so went by with nothing back from Warrior, Nash tweeted:

“I knew i would get no response because i know Jim Helwig, in the future when my name comes up pass Jim, puss”

Warrior’s camp has responded to Kevin Nash’s challenge, tweeting the following Friday morning:

“Mr Warrior has filmed a video response to Kevin Nash. Stay tuned. #TeamWarrior”

The last time Warrior unleashed a video response to a fellow colleague talking trash about him, he blasted Hulk Hogan with claims that Hogan was a drug-using scumbag who pimped out his wife to other wrestlers.

We’ll post Warrior’s video response to Nash as soon as it’s online.

  • Wko1993

    Didn;t Jim Helwig leave because of sexual advances from Linda Mc’Mahan

  • radman69

    I thought the ultimate warrior died from a drug overdose. Is he really still alive?