Update On Alberto Del Rio’s WWE Departure, His Last TV Match & Contract

It’s worth noting that Albert Del Rio’s release is the top story on the front page of WWE’s website right now. Usually when WWE announces talent departures they use their real name but Del Rio’s real name was not used in today’s announcement.

If Del Rio really is gone from the company, his last match would have been a loss to Jack Swagger on this week’s Main Event. He did not work the SmackDown taping and did not work today’s live event in Melbourne, Australia.

It was recently reported that Del Rio’s contract was expiring soon.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Real reason for release: He unfollowed John Cena on twitter

  • rudy

    Have you guys been thinking? This might all just be a work.

    • Sandman

      i cant see it being a work the guy has been treated as a jobber and everything that made him unique got taken away cars and ricardo.
      btw is it just me or does everything have to be a work ??

      • rudy

        The reason why I think it’s a work Is because it’s all over wwe.com with no discretion whatsoever from a publicly traded company. That and their obsession(triple h and stephanies, not vinces) to swerve Internet fans. Supposedly its why they made rollins v ambrose a lumberjack match! They ruined the best feud in the card just so we wouldn’t ‘have it all figured out’. Lame. ADR might or might not be a work but if it’s not the wwe is super hot about it since they have broken protocol and policy in the way they have handled this matter.

  • http://marcktvmovies.blogspot.mx/ Marck-WWEDivas

    Poor del Río but more doors will open for him, probably TNA will pick him up soon or maybe Global Force Wrestling.