Update On Backstage Talk About CM Punk’s Release, JR On Goldust & Cody’s WWE Status

– Regarding the report that WWE had granted CM Punk his release on Friday by PWInsider, the rumors started backstage when Punk’s girlfriend AJ Lee was given the weekend off. People were just speculating backstage that AJ left and that led to the Punk rumors starting up. AJ is still with the company and Punk has not been granted his release.

– Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on JRsBarBQ.com and was asked why Goldust and Cody Rhodes are apparently being “downgraded” on the company ladder. Ross replied:

“Cody’s future at age 28 is as a singles wrestler. Goldust has received a really nice return to WWE and is an asset as well. Goldust would likely make a great coach. I see both Rhodes brothers and the Outlaws as transitional teams who both likely won’t be together long term and over the long haul. I have enjoyed both teams very much as supporting role acts.”

(Partial source: PWInsider)

  • Latoya

    I’m over this whole CM Punk situation like I’m over this miserable winter. He needs to come back, he should come back and no one knows the real reason/s he left Period. As of the Brotherhood and the Outlaws, I’m glad to see that J.R. pretty much is saying they aren’t going to be together that much longer. I agree and I’m curious to see if the Outlaws will drop the titles at the Elimination Chamber or later on. Love them, glad there back but…..didn’t really see this title reign coming or lasting.