Update On Del Rio’s Work Visa, WWE Sending Stars To Rehab

– WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio is still unable to enter the United States due to issues related to his work visa. Del Rio missed last weekend’s live events as well as Monday’s RAW and Tuesday’s Super SmackDown special. Company officials are confident that Del Rio will have his visa problems sorted out in time for this week’s mini-tour of Puerto Rico, where he’s advertised to wrestle CM Punk. John Cena is advertised to wrestle the winner of the Del Rio vs. CM Punk matches in the main events of each show.

– Jim Ross was asked on Twitter this week about how much WWE spends to send past and present stars to rehab. Ross wrote:

“WWE spends thousands of dollars on former wrestlers rehab treatment annually BUT 1st wrestlers have to want help. Can’t make em go.”

A fan responded to Ross’ tweet – asking whether Matt Hardy would qualify for this sponsored rehab program. JR wrote:

“WWE’s offer is good for any alums. BUT they have 2 want 2 be helped.”