Update On Friday’s House Of Hardcore Angle With Tommy Dreamer Ripping On Dixie Carter

The in-ring segment with Tommy Dreamer at his House of Hardcore IV event last night, where he ripped on Dixie Carter was apparently all part of the show. Dreamer has been working for TNA as an agent.

It’s worth noting that after Dreamer recovered from the brawl with he, Devon, Abyss and Rhino, he took the mic for another promo and announced that the previous two matches were seen for free and if anyone wanted a refund because Bully Ray had been pulled by Dixie, they could go to the box office for a full refund. There were anti-TNA and anti-Dixie chants from the crowd all through the show.

It was said that the Poughkeepsie Civic Center was set up to hold around 2,000 fans and looked to be 80%-90% full.

(Source: PWInsider)