Update On Hardy’s Phone Number Flap, Girlfriend Comments

The phone number Matt Hardy posted last night on Twitter isn’t his, but rather, is registered to a man that lives near his residence in Cameron, North Carolina.

Hardy wrote to Reby Sky, his girlfriend, that his cell phone stopped functioning and for her to call him through his home phone number.

Reby, meanwhile, answered numerous queries related to Hardy’s recent troubles on her Formspring account.

Will this get Matty to stop tweeting/txting and driving?

“I don’t think that’s the problem …”

You seriously must have the patience of a saint. Kudos and respect to you.

“I’m really, really trying here. Thank you.”

How are you feeling about this whole thing going on ? I really hope you are well. Only you know whats right to do.

“Hurt / exasperated / exhausted / furious / tired of being lied to / tired of enablers. Just tired.”

Why did you get Matt drunk?? Now he’s arrested because of you!!

“The only reason he’s still alive is because of me. Asshole.”

When asked what she said to Hardy after his accident, Sky responded, “Which one…” She was also asked whether Hardy had gone “insane.” She wrote, “I’m the wrong person to ask…”

*VIDEO* of Matt Hardy tasing Reby Sky ->