Update On John Cena Possibly Being Injured Last Night

– To update the earlier John Cena reports, every fan who has written in that was at the RAW live event last night says the injury appeared to be legitimate.

We now know more details on the match before it ended. After the Wasteland where Cena appeared to have been injured, Barrett began climbing the cage to escape but stopped as if he were waiting for Cena to come stop him. Cena used the ropes to get up as Barrett pretended to have his leg stuck in the cage wall. Barrett’s motions were described as slow motion as he waited for Cena.

As Barrett was on the cage, WWE trainers came down from backstage and were yelling into the ring. Barrett came down and Cena countered a punch with a quick submission for the tapout. One fan said Barrett tapped out immediately and didn’t even last two seconds in the hold.

While Cena did cut a promo and thank fans for coming and mentioning that he might need time off but would walk out on his own two feet, it’s said by the fans in attendance that he could not put any weight on his leg.