Update On Kevin Steen’s Potential WWE Deal; False Reports Surface Online

– Sometime yesterday a report surfaced online from another wrestling news site stating that former ROH World Champion Kevin Steen had signed a contract with WWE, having attended a tryout in April and having began what seems to be a departure from Ring of Honor where he has been contracted the last several years. Steen has mentioned in shoot interviews he conducts for Highspots.com that his ROH deal doesn’t expire until August of this year, but it’s believed he will wrap up his dates with ROH at their first live PPV, Best in the World and then respect his remaining independent bookings before then signing for WWE, but as of right now Kevin Steen has not signed with WWE because he can not legally sign with WWE while under contract with Ring of Honor. Once the story surfaced online and numerous people tweeted a link of it to Steen, he responded with the following:

If any factual news on Steen’s future comes to light we will inform you promptly.

  • VocareAdRegnum

    I see. So just because Steen denies it on Twitter it has to be a false report right? No wrestler EVER confirms a signing on Twitter.

    • TD Harrison

      I think this is more saying that Steen can’t legally sign with WWE because he’s still contracted to ROH then Steen has flat out denied it, which is right, you can’t sign for another company when you’re under contract to another.

  • Kris Lermond

    He can’t confirm anything until the deal with ROH is done. So, he did the right thing by saying that. He doesn’t want to ruin his chances of getting in

  • Hoffie

    Maybe he is the newest member of The Shield

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    He is still contracted to ROH, so he won’t announce signing to the WWE. That’s like Kurt Angle saying he’s signed with the WWE while having 3-4 onths left in his TNA contract