Update On Natalya’s Gimmick, Former Diva Offers Dating Advice

–- Shelly Martinez appears in The Social Rules, a new web series about the do’s and dont’s of dating and relating. In the latest episode, she explains what to do and what not do when approaching her at a bar.

“Here’s the deal boys. Do you want ‘these’?” Is this what you want? Do you want ‘these’?” Martinez says while groping her chest. “Well, I’ll tell you how to get to ‘these’! You don’t come up to the bar with a cheesy pick-up line!”

To view the clip, click here.

— As reported Wednesday, Natalya’s bout with flatulence on Friday’s SmackDown was not a one time occurence as WWE will be continuing the foible going forward with more comedic vignettes. F4WOnline.com reports that the angle is being held to get the third generation wrestler over, as well to provide entertainment.

— Tuesday’s SmackDown taping at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska drew approximately 5,000 fans.

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source: F4WOnline.com