Sable To Become A Grandma, WWE Vintage Collection, Rob Conway

– Former WWE Women’s Champion Sable, who is 44-years-old, will soon become a grandmother. Her 21-year-old daughter Mariah is pregnant with her first child and expected to give birth in September, reports

– The June 8 episode of WWE Vintage Collection featured the following matches: Blitzkrieg vs. Super Calo (WCW Saturday Night – March 20, 1999), Matt Hardy vs. Billy Kidman (WWE No Way Out 2003), The Rockers vs. The Orient Express (WWF live event – June 17, 1990), Jeff Hardy vs. X-Pac (WWF King of the Ring 2001), Dean Malenko vs. Shinjiro Otani (WCW Worldwide – May 18, 1996). (Thanks to Devin Cutting)

– Former WWE star Rob Conway competed in a NPC Bodybuilding contest on Saturday. He tweeted, “I won the Npc Indianapolis Mens Physique Championship Tall class and Over all. Thanks to everyone for there support!”

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