Update On Randy Orton’s Injury & WWE Contract Status

Earlier this week, Randy Orton updated fans on the status of his back injury. He tweeted:

“… I herniated a disc (leaked disc fluid) between my L4-L5 in my lower back. Had som estrength loss in my left lower leg. Time off is to let the inflammation go down, and try and strengthen the muscles int lower back”

The injury is legitimate and is believed to have happened on the 12/19 RAW when Wade Barrett put him through a table. Orton’s rehab is said to be going well. The WWE website has an article up with quotes from Orton’s doctor, Chris Amann, who says the pain and weakness in Orton’s leg is subsiding and a full recovery is expected.

In a sign of how much WWE values Orton’s services and views him as one of their franchise talents, his current contract has him locked in with WWE through 2019.