Update On The New WWE Championship Belt Design Coming Soon & New Photo

It’s been reported for months that WWE is in the process of making a new championship belt that will replace CM Punk’s current “spinner” belt.

Punk confirmed in a recent interview that the belt will debut very soon. He speculated it could debut as early as WWE SummerSlam (it didn’t) or by next month’s Night of Champions pay-per-view.

To update this situation, we can report that Rick Petko from Orange County Choppers, which is featured on The Discovery Channel’s American Chopper television series, is helping with the creation of the belt.

He tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that he is currently, “Annealing aluminum for a WWE Championship belt.”

  • Knitemare

    Still looks awful.. They should bring back the OLD WWF championship belt.. wow what is wwe thinking these days… The wwe championship doesn’t mean anything now it’s just stupid looking.. Back then when WWF was around the championship actually meant something… Now it just looks like a stupid toy.. yuck.. BRING BACK WWF STYLE!