Update On Waltman Arrest For Drug Possession In Airport

The following is a new article from celebrity-gossip website TMZ.com:

X-Wrestler X-Pac — Guilty in Cannabis Caper

Former WWF wrestler X-Pac is finally ready to pay the piper for his marijuana arrest earlier this month … and it’s gonna cost the guy $358.

TMZ has obtained a photo of X-Pac — aka Sean Waltman — entering a NJ courtroom yesterday to deal with his September 12 arrest at Newark International Airport. As we previously reported, security claims they found X-Pac to be in possession of one rolled joint.

According to officials, X-Pac — who was originally busted for possession — plead guilty to a reduced charge … and was ordered to pay a $358 fine.

Sean’s rep, Geena Jinev Anac, tells TMZ, “Sean is looking forward to putting this all behind him to focus on his life and career.”

Check out the photo of Waltman outside the courtroom by visiting TMZ.com.