Update On WWE-Twitter, Vince Upset Over Zack Ryder Shirt

– Expect to see even more references to Twitter on WWE television in the coming months. Vince McMahon is said to be a huge fan of the social media service and has several ideas about how to integrate Twitter into WWE programming even further.

WWE announcers are encouraged to constantly reference Twitter, with the idea being that if they mention Twitter a lot at the beginning of shows, they will get topics trending worldwide and can talk about the topics even more.

At the 2012 Royal Rumble – WWE is planning to have superstars tweet right before they go through the curtain and enter the Rumble.

– Vince McMahon freaked out several weeks ago when he saw the company’s latest t-shirt for Zack Ryder. The phrase printed on the t-shirt that got so much heat from Vince was – “Take care, spike your hair.”

Because Vince McMahon is not a big fan of Spike TV right now (due to their affiliation with TNA), Vince was so mad that he almost pulled shirts from being sold. Eventually, he agreed to sell the existing shirts that were still in stock – but forbid any more from being printed. A new Zack Ryder shirt without the “Spike your hair” phrase is now on sale.