Posted On 09/01/2011 By In News

Update on WWE’s Brand Split & SmackDown Stars On Raw

On Monday’s RAW – WWE COO Triple H announced that for the foreseeable future, RAW will feature superstars from both RAW and SmackDown.

The main reason behind the move is that RAW’s ratings have been sluggish lately. WWE is looking to strengthen the star power on Monday nights headed into the fall, when RAW goes head to head with the NFL’s Monday Night Football show each week.

Additionally, the added star power on RAW will certainly make for some fresh new match ups.

Recent ratings data has revealed that WWE’s main event stars are still ratings draws, however some of WWE’s mid-level talent have not been drawing the ratings WWE needs to stay comfortable on Monday nights.

At this time, RAW superstars will not be appearing on SmackDown regularly, because of the extra day of travel that would be added to their schedules. In the future however, in the event that SmackDown is moved to Tuesday nights, it is possible that WWE could book SmackDown in a city closer to RAW the next night, which would cut down on the travel required for wrestlers to appear on both shows in a given week.

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