Update: The Very Latest On Matt Hardy’s WWE Status

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Matt Hardy and WWE continue to be at a stalemate where his status is concerned.

WWE, on the one hand, wants Matt Hardy to address the issues he has, but Hardy, on the other hand, does not. Hardy reportedly continues to push for his release from WWE, but the company does not want to grant it so that he doesn’t end up going to to work for TNA.

Sources are claiming that Hardy’s situation has slipped under the radar as of late due to WWE’s current hectic touring schedule. However, his situation is reportedly set to be addressed after this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV.

  • stephen ogilvie

    i think he should be able to get released and should go to tna with his brother…

  • bob

    khali rules

  • jason

    he should be given his release he hasent done anything for the company in like 2 months, why make him sit around doing nothing either use him or let him go

  • Jeff

    I saw the results of his diet and training and he looks better than he ever has in WWE. I don’t know exactly what the issue is, and I hope that he does stay and be utilized as a veteran with chances at titles instead of solely pushing the younger guys, but if he truly wants to leave, then as long as he’s happy….

  • martin drake

    he has been with the wwe a long time. they should respeact that and let him go and do his own thing now.