Update On A WWE NXT Release, Man Arrested For Fake WWE Tickets, The Steamboats

– Sources have confirmed that WWE released TAC (Brandon Carter) from his developmental deal. The release wasn’t a surprise among some as Carter went on Twitter late last year and made some controversial tweets about how he wasn’t afraid of being fired and how he would go to TNA.

– Caller.com reports that police in Corpus Christi, Texas arrested a man they suspect of selling fake tickets to Sunday’s WWE live event. Through Facebook, the man was selling copies of tickets for the same seats to multiple people. The man was arrested on suspicion of fraud, a misdemeanor.

– Bonita Blood, the ex-wife of Ricky Steamboat, applied to trademark “Ricky Steamboat” back on January 2nd of this year. There was a prior trademark application done by Ricky back in 2009 that was abandoned. On the same day, Richard H. Blood III (NXT’s Richie Steamboat) applied to trademark “Richie Steamboat.”

(Source: PWInsider)