New List Of The Top 10 Wealthiest Pro Wrestlers Of All-Time

Published On 01/14/2014 | By Staff | News has a new article up looking at the top 10 wealthiest pro wrestlers of all-time. Their list looks like this:

10. Mick Foley – Net Worth: $15 million

9. The Undertaker – Net Worth: $16 million

8. Shawn Michaels – Net Worth: $17 million

7. Chris Jericho – Net Worth: $18 million

6. Kurt Angle – Net Worth: $20 million

5. Big Show – Net Worth: $20 million

4. Triple H – Net Worth: $25 million

3. John Cena – Net Worth: $35 million

2. Steve Austin – Net Worth: $45 million

1. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – Net Worth: $70 million

Photo: The Rock Gets Drunk On New Year’s

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  • Jorge Solorio

    Wow I wouldve thought that Hogans recent tape wouldve put him at least 5th. :-)

  • saulewright

    Trips is only at $25M…even with his position at WWE?

  • TheRipperDannyB

    you gotta remember though, Trips, as well as Steph and Vince have a fair bit of money tied up in shares, which dont get added to these lists.

    • saulewright

      AAAAH good point. Thank you!

  • fahad ali

    John Cena John Cena everywhere…