Updated List Of WWE Themes On iTunes – Many Songs Added

WWE has released more themes onto iTunes as the company is trying to get every WWE-made theme for current roster members on iTunes. Below is an updated list:

– Drew McIntyre – “Broken Dreams” [Ft. Shaman's Harvest]
– “Dashing” Cody Rhodes – “Smoke & Mirrors” [Ft. TV/TV]
– Nexus – “We Are One (WWE Mix)” [Ft. 12 Stones]*
– Ted DiBiase – “I Come From Money” [Ft. S-Preme]
– R-Truth – “What’s Up?” [Ft. R-Truth]
– The Rock – “Electrifying”
– Alberto Del Rio – “Realeza” [Ft. Mariachi Real De Mexico]
– Bella Twins – “You Can Look (But You Can’t Touch)” [Ft. Kim Sozzi]
– Sin Cara – “Ancient Spirit”- Santino Marella – “La Vittoria e Mia (Victory Is Mine)”
– Randy Orton – “Voices” [Ft. Rich Luzzi of Rev Theory]
– “Macho Man” Randy Savage Tribute – “Here And Gone”
– Capitol Punishment PPV Theme – “Capital”
– Kane – “Man On Fire”
– Christian – “Just Close Your Eyes” [Ft. Story Of The Year]
– The Miz – “I Came To Play” [Ft. Downstait]
– CM Punk – “This Fire Burns” [Ft. Killswitch Engage]
– John Morrison – “Ain’t No Make Believe” [Ft. Stonefree Experience]
– Evan Bourne – “Born To Win” [Ft. Mutiny Within]
– Big Show – “Crank It Up” [Ft. Brand New Sin]
– Sheamus – “Written In My Face” [Ft. Sean Jenness]
– Beth Phoenix – “Glamazon”
– Kelly Kelly – “Holla” [Ft. Desiree Jackson]
– Kofi Kingston – “S.O.S.” [Ft. Collie Buddz]
– Dolph Ziggler – “I Am Perfection” [Ft. Cage9]
– Eve Torres – “She Looks Good”
– The Corre – “End Of Days”
– Bret “Hitman” Hart – “Return The Hitman”
– Ezekial Jackson – “Domination” [Ft. Evan Jones]
– Jack Swagger – “Get On Your Knees” [Ft. Age Against The Machine]
– Maryse – “Pourquoi?”
– Triple H – “The Game” [ft. Motorhead]
– Vladimir Kozlov – “Pain”
– The Great Khali – “Land of Five Rivers” [Ft. Panjabi MC]
– Primo – “Oh Porto Rico” [Ft. Marlyn Jimenez]
– Natalya – “New Foundation”- Zack Ryder “Radio” [Ft. Watt White]
– Hornswoggle – “Hes Da Ma”
– Chavo Guerrero – “Chavo Ardiente”
– Rey Mysterio – “619”
– Stone Cold Steve Austin (The Entrance Music) – Including: 1. I Won’t Do What You Tell Me [Original Theme] 2. I Won’t Do What You Tell Me [Ft. Josh Wink] 3. Unbreakable [Ft. Cage9] 4. Cold As A Stone [WWE Tough Enough]
– Gail Kim – “Strong & Sexy”
– Tyler Reks – “Tyrannosaurus”
– The Undertaker – “Rest In Peace”
– Shawn Michaels – “Sexy Boy”
– Mr. McMahon – “No Chance In Hell”
– William Regal – “Regality”
– Triple H – “King Of Kings” [Ft. Motorhead]

Expect more in the next few weeks as WWE looks to put the whole roster’s themes on iTunes, but only the WWE made themes.

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