Updates On Former WWE Superstars Gaspard, Kendrick & London

– Shad Gaspard and Muhammad Hassan have completed a a new 255-page graphic novel, “Assassin and Son Vol. 1: Path of Vengeance.” They are currently seeking a publisher to release the book through, and have released the following hype video below:

– Highspots.com released the following details for the Brian Kendrick & Paul London’s Bogus Journey DVD:

Two full years after the most honest and outrageous interview we ever conducted, we sat down again with Brian Kendrick and Paul London to catch up with what they’ve been doing, how they’ve been and get their thoughts on the state of the industry in 2012.

This is a very different interview from London & Kendrick’s Excellent Adventures. We go much deeper into the psyche of both guys and get their thoughts on the business in far greater depth than before. The boys are just as honest as ever but this time they are clear minded, insightful and thought provoking.

But make no mistake they still hold nothing back and express their thoughts with brutal honesty! Hear about the night they thought about shooting on HHH on live TV. Hear Paul’s thoughts on CM Punk, who he calls the “HHH of Ring of Honor.”

Did they get any negative feedback from people in the industry after their first interview? Has anyone tried to shut them up? Nobody tells it like it is quite like Paul London and Brian Kendrick and it makes some people in the business uncomfortable to know that more of their dirt and their truths are going to come out with the release of Volume Two.

Topics convered include:

Brian’s thoughts on TNA. Incredible insight here as he compares how the X division guys are treated versus how WWE treated the cruiserweights, the emphasis both place on tag-teams, who are the people backstage killing TNA, morale under Hogan and Bischoff and thoughts on others in the office. Paul and Brian compared themselves to background players in WWE, find out if Kendrick considered himself a main character in TNA and if not, who he feels is responsible. Get the scoop on why London and Kendrick didn’t go to TNA together and much more. This is some of the best and most honest insight into the TNA locker room we’ve ever captured in an interview!

London talks about viral marketing and using social media to promote yourself. He did it first, now find out his thoughts on others like Zack Ryder who have taken the ball and ran with it.

Thoughts on their runs in PWG and Dragon Gate USA including thoughts on the Young Bucks, Jon Moxley, Teddy Hart and others they ran across. The usually happy go lucky duo has some harsh words for young guys in the business who don’t respect the veterans and name specific instances you won’t believe!

Thoughts on WWE re-doing the summer of Punk angle last year, as well as Paul’s detailed account of why he and Punk never got along. No one has ever unloaded on Punk like this in a shoot interview before to our knowledge. Paul goes so far as to call him the “HHH of Ring of Honor” and explains precisely why he feels that way.

Thoughts on Punk and Dragon being champions in WWE at the same time. What sets them apart from other run of the mill indy guys. Is it their ability or do they play the political games better than most? Paul and Brian have been there and know both guys well, you will hear true stories about how both got to where they are today.

Hear the amazing story of Paul and Brian’s biggest regret in WWE and how if they had it to do over again they would have fired back at HHH on live TV.

We touch again on conspiracy theories, such as Brian’s assertation that Jon Benet Ramsey actually grew up to become Lady Gaga, what is the moon made of and much more.

Hear Brian’s thoughts on what would make for a perfect pro wrestling promotion. It involves stop-motion animation and cats trained by Teddy Hart to wrestle.

Both reflect on their time in the business, what they’ve gotten out of it and determine whether in fact it has been a “bogus journey” or if its actually been a pretty good trip.

The boys are every bit as out there as in volume one but in this interview they get their point across with crystal clarity and express their opinions in typical London and Kendrick fashion, no holding back! Buckle up and ride along for London and Kendrick’s Bogus Journey!

The set will come with a “Best of Paul London” DVD.

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