USA Network Airing Cena-Rock Special, Shane McMahon, Trish-Lita

– The USA Network will air a 1-hour special profiling John Cena and The Rock’s fued on March 26th at 8pm. The show, which is similar to the HBO 24/7 series that builds up to big boxing fights, will replay on March 31st, the night before WrestleMania.

– Former WWE executive Shane McMahon is in the news again this week, facilitating a major deal between his company YOU On Demand Holdings and the Walt Disney Company that will distribute video-on-demand Disney movies in China. For more on this story, check out

– During an interview with, Trish Stratus says she and former WWE diva Amy “Lita” Dumas might team up for a movie.

“We had gotten together about doing a remake of a movie called ‘Doctor Doom Versus the Wrestling Women’, and it’s [one of those] old school lucha [wrestling] films that are very campy. We’ve been chatting about that and we’ve had some interest for us to pursue that.”