Vickie Guerrero Addresses Reports Of Her WWE Departure, Calls Out AJ Lee

Vickie Guerrero addressed rumors that she was leaving WWE, writing on Twitter:

“Hey everyone, I see rumors and comments about me leaving….IM STILL HERE!!When you hear it from me….that is when it’s true!”

Vickie also noted that she will be at RAW and SmackDown, and wondered if AJ Lee “will show her face this week.”

  • luke1992

    mmmmmmm actully when we here EXCUSE ME THEN UR HERE

  • Josh Hall

    I actually like vickie! im glad she hasnt left! she is a great for WWE

    if she gets all these boos then shes doing her job right, right?

    • System Failure

      I’m actually with you. She’s a heel and is fantastic at eliciting a strong reaction, so I would like to see her stick around.