Vickie Guerrero Comments On Leaving WWE, Paul Heyman & Edge, New WWE Countdown Extras

Published On 06/24/2014 | By Staff | News

– As reported, Vickie Guerrero finished up with WWE at Monday night’s RAW. She tweeted the following:

– Chris Jericho will have both Edge and Paul Heyman together in the studio for his Talk Is Jericho podcasts that come out this Wednesday and Friday.

– Below are WWE Countdown Extras with Jimmy Hart spilling the secrets to becoming a successful WWE manager and Santino Marella venturing deep into the jungle to find the WWE’s fiercest animal mascots of all time.

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  • Jonathan Baylor

    She won’t be missed.

    • ksedude

      By you.

  • Wrestling_fan

    I always thought she could have been a great heel manager. Her “excuse me” always got her a lot of heat from the audience which would have transferred to the guy she was managing.

    • ksedude

      Her past managing of Edge and Ziggler come to mind.

  • arlowoodenhead

    Vickie got one incredible send off from the WWE and Stephanie in particular. I won’t miss her annoying and grating personality, but she always put out 100%, took her bumps like a professional, and generated a volcano of heat when asked. Amazing woman.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    The moment she left was the moment the fans actually gave somewhat of a fuck.

    She was given a nice send off, although she was constantly being embarrassed i always wanted her to screw the Authority and they managed to make that happen last night.

    Glad they referenced Eddie and the battle between McMahon and Guerrero.