Vickie Guerrero Comments On Weight Loss, WWE Signs Matt Justice

— WWE has reportedly signed Ohio based independent wrestler Matt Justice (real name Matthew Hannan) to a developmental contract. Justice participated in Alberto Del Rio mini Royal Rumble Match on the January 28 SmackDown.

— Jim Ross noted on Twitter that Monday’s segment on Raw featuring himself, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole was the most watched segment of the program, drawing a 4.1 cable rating.

— Vickie Guerrero revealed on her Twitter account yesterday that she has lost 50 pounds.

“Thanks for the love…I have lost 50 lbs and feel wonderful and strong. I love my trainer! I love the new ME.”

She also addressed TNA Wrestling.

“I would never go to TNA…no disrespect to anybody…WWE is my family…period.”

Guerrero, who rarely appears at house shows, noted that she will be on hand for this weekend’s live Raw events.

Photo of Vickie Guerrero with her *NEW* boyfriend ->