Vickie Guerrero Responds To Kevin Nash, AJ Talks Saturday Morning Slam, Shane Helms

– Vickie Guerrero posted the following on Twitter in response to Kevin Nash’s recent comments about Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero:

“Comments from @realkevinnash, “inlaws”, or anyone else about Eddie, me, or my girls, just shows how insecure & unhappy they live”

– WWE RAW General Manager AJ Lee wrote the following about WWE’s new Saturday morning TV show, indicating that she may have a role on it. Ash Ketchum is apparently a character from Pokemon:

“August 25: ‘WWE Saturday Morning Slam’ premieres at 10 am on @MyVortexx on the @CW_Net. This may finally be my chance to meet Ash Ketchum.”

– Former WWE star Shane Helms noted on Twitter that he will be missing ICP’s The Gathering because flight problems have him stuck in Nova Scotia until Monday.