Vickie Guerrero’s Departure, How Much WWE Is Giving Up with Ion, WWE Dropping Another Term

– There is no heat on Vickie Guerrero for finishing up with WWE this past week. She just wanted to move into the regular world. She was spotted partying and twerking on WWE Superstar Primo after WrestleMania at a bar in Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Tamina Snuka was also with the pair.

– As noted, WWE Main Event on Ion is no more as the contract expired and the show will be airing exclusively on the WWE Network now. The lack of renewal doesn’t mean a lot because the $100,000 (ballpark figure) per week WWE was getting for the show wasn’t as important to their bottom line, at a time where they expect profits to rise greatly from the RAW and SmackDown TV rights and the Network.

– WWE is dropping the term “pay-per-view.” From now on, the monthly Sunday shows are being called “special events.”

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Joshua Williams

    Why don’t they just call the events by their title?

  • Josh Hall

    Special events sounds horrible! Extreme Rule live this sunday, book now or log in to WWE network.
    (no use of ppv or special events)

  • Guest

    What the hell? what’s wrong with paper per view?

    • El Generibro

      Loool paper view…you cant cure stupid.

  • Lilith

    Forcing people to buy into the network. A holes.