Video: CM Punk Talks About If He Will Ever Wrestle Again & More

Check out this video of CM Punk speaking with CBS Cleveland’s Chris Van Vliet at the AP Music Awards last night about how he feels, hosting the awards and more. Punk was asked if we will ever see him wrestle for WWE again. He replied:

“No, no. No. Never, ever. Never, ever, ever. They’re going to go crazy on Twitter, they’re going to hold me to it and yea whatever.”

  • Matt Kunka

    He looks and sounds so great. I’m so happy for him to be able to be happy!

  • TheJakeWaller

    his reaction and the way he said never ever ever … just shows he will be!

  • Botmun

    That means he will be back.

  • Kris Lermond

    First time I’ve seen anything to make me believe he will be back. Well, besides AJ. I’d want to be around her all the time, if she was my lady..Meeeeeowww

  • Michael Duberry

    He’s doing the right thing. Act like you are done with the WWE, build up your screen presence elsewhere, make WWE desperate for you to come back so you get a part time bmper deal, like RVD, Jericho, Batista, Lesnar etc.

    You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain, and i think Punk will eventually become the very thing that made him walk out of the WWE, in a cruel twist of irony.

    • Dan

      Did you really just quote batman???

      • Michael Duberry

        I sure did. The world needs more batman quotes.

  • Daren Anthony Tracey

    I think Punk should just drop the act. He pissed off a lot of fans…not to mention the top wrestling organization…and if he’s not coming back, just fucking say so. Be honest and say “sorry to my fans, but i just cant do it anymore” or ” I’ll be back, just taking a break”
    At least acknowledge his wrestling career and his fans in a humble manner.
    I think the fans deserve as much.