Video: Damien Sandow Storms The WWE Network Raw Pre-Show Set

What was Damien Sandow thinking before Raw when he took a live mic and unleashed his pent-up frustrations?

  • Rick Butler

    This has to be a work. Why else would WWE put this clip on their own YouTube page? It’s all part of their new “reality based” wrestling product that WWE is trying to feed us. More sports entertainment and less professional wrestling. This is an example of the reality product that WWE wants out there. Ask Ziggler what happens when his reality is not the reality that WWE wants to be made public. He becomes a jobber or gets his push taken away.

  • WesDoobner

    Nobody gives a shit about Damien Sandow. He has replaced Zack Ryder as the # 1 jobber in WWE. Of course it’s kayfabe. Everything that happens on camera is kayfabe.