Video: Dana White On If There’s A Rivalry Between Him & Vince McMahon, Calls Vince A Maniac

In the video below, UFC President Dana White talked about WWE and Vince McMahon on The Arsenio Hall Show Monday night. White was asked if there is a rivalry between him and Vince. White said there isn’t a rivalry with him but while some of the WWE stars like UFC, Vince is not a fan. White also called Vince a legitimate maniac.

  • Falalala Trolololol

    Most adult WWE fans are also MMA and boxing fans (not so much; it’s a dying sport), so it’s pretty clear that Dana White doesn’t even know his own audience aside from the high rollers in the front seats at every show.

  • WWE RaZaR

    I would think it would be “best for business” if the WWE and UFC collaborated. Triple H might be better suited to fight Dana, as like Dana said, Vince is 70 something years old!