Video: Daniel Bryan Talks About Meeting Sting, His WWE Return, Brie & Total Divas, Kenta

In the video below, Daniel Bryan talks with IGN at the San Diego Comic Con.

Bryan was asked about his WWE status and he said that nobody really knows the prognosis for his return. He said different people, presumably various doctors, have different prognosis.

Bryan said we’ll probably see some of his rehabilitation on Total Divas but it’s not a focal point of the next season. Bryan noted that he and Brie Bella got cable TV in their new home to just watch WWE & UFC programming.

Regarding Sting, Bryan said Comic Con was his first time meeting Sting. Bryan also said it’s great that Kenta is in WWE. Bryan believes Kenta will make people step their game up. Bryan called Kenta an innovator and acknowledged that he learned his running knee from Kenta and that Kenta is the originator of CM Punk’s GTS.

  • Brendan

    It’s so weird how he’s so chill about everything

    • Joshua Williams

      Being chill about everything is a sign of maturity, which is why I think he has a huge advantage over most of the roster. I’m not a huge Bryan fan but you got to respect the heck out of this guy.