Video: Daniel Bryan Talks About WWE Politics; “The Company Still Doesn’t See Money In Me”

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan recently spoke with Shaffee of WGRD in Michigan about his run with The Wyatt Family, whether or not the Michigan State crowd played a role in turning him back babyface and more. Bryan says he believes WWE never aspired for him to be where he is at and he also believes company officials still don’t see “money” in him.

  • Jay Ciaravino

    ALRIGHT! THAT’S IT! This guy is featured on TV every week and has a feature bout on EVERY PPV, and he has the gall to publicly criticize the decision making of the company that has afforded him the opportunity to make money? Are you serious? Sounds to me like Bryan is buying into the hype from his fans. Guys like Mr. Perfect and Rick Rude, and British Bulldog, all who were miles ahead of Bryan as far as on screen presence and ability go, never saw anywhere near the amount of exposure that Bryan has gotten, and yet the fans still complain, and now Bryan is complaining. What is there to complain about? Tell me how bad he has it compared to a guy like Cesaro, or Barrett, or Ziggler, or any other guy on the roster who isn’t getting any kind of push. What an ingrate! What a buffoon!

    • David Garcia

      I just can’t believe he doesn’t get that Michael Cole, arguably the most hated guy by the fans, bagging on him actually helped him immensely. It’s alright if he parrots his fan’s line as it’s a way of playing politics without playing politics, but if he doesn’t see that WWE is giving him every opportunity to show that he can be a draw, then he can’t see the forest for the trees.

    • Gabe P

      Might I remind you Jay he’s referring to how his 2 title chances have lasted a whopping 24 hrs and he’s being blamed for low PPV buyrates last yr. Also it is a bit frustrating when you see everyone mock you as being a B+ superstar and as I recall guys like HBK, Bret hart and HHH used to do this too. Also I’d be a bit annoyed that people like Orton and Cena are given shot after shot while there wrestling skills suck and real talent is pushed to the side for part-time people like Batista. He’s not an ingrate for being upset about being underutilized, Punk nearly quit due to this 3 yrs ago prior to his push. Honestly he should go to TNA cause unlike WWE, they actually push people who WWE would bury aka Christian, R-truth, Roode, Bully Ray, DDP, Styles, Storm, etc…

      • Jay Ciaravino

        He should go to TNA? Seriously? Yeah they push guys who WWE would bury, and look at them. They’re horrible. I get what you’re saying, and I can understand him having some frustration, but to publicly talk about any of it is a bad business move on his part. If he has an issue with his current role in the company, then he should be talking to the company about it, not spilling his feelings on to the public airwaves. But as proof of the push that he is indeed getting, I highly doubt you will see him get the Ziggler treatment over his statements. That alone should be a testament to the fact that they do see value in him. I’m just getting really tired of reading all these comments online, and now hearing from him that he isn’t getting the treatment he deserves. He’s on TV in a feature match every week, most of the time that match is a feature main event. Sometimes twice a week. He’s working, so what is there to complain about? How many wrestlers spent their entire careers jobbing to other guys? How many guys with real talent never saw the light of a championship run? Tons, that’s how many. I’m pretty sure a guy like Bob Holly, or Steve Blackman, or Greg Valentine, or any other number of names from days past, would kill to have a run like the WWE is affording Bryan. People seem to forget that he is an employee for a company, it’s not about what he wants, or what he deserves, it’s about what they think is, wait for it… best for business. As far as I can tell, they think he is really good for business, hence all the TV time. I just think people need to calm down, and allow it to happen organically. What good would it do anyone, to thrust him into the role of champion before the time is right? It will come, have some patience.