Video: Dolph Ziggler Talks About Comedy, Frustrations In WWE, Being More Selfish & More

Dolph Ziggler spoke with Arda Ocal at a WWE 2K14 media event Saturday night at LA Live in Los Angeles. In the interview Ziggler talks a lot about his love for comedy and stand up and if that will ever take precedent over being a WWE Superstar. Ziggler also addresses why he was in a mixed tag team match at Summerslam as opposed to being in a more high profile singles match, which a lot of WWE fans would have preferred. He also explains why a guy like Daniel Bryan had the spot he had at Summerslam and he didn’t.

Other topics include:

– Does he have a favorite “We’re the atostrocrats!” joke?
– Has he become more selfish in the ring since being given that advice by Booker T several months ago?
– Why can’t he cut promos more like he did on Z! True Long Island Story?