Video: Extreme Reunion – Raven vs. Pitbull Gary Wolf, The Sandman

Extreme Reunion has released the Raven vs. Gary Wolfe South Philly Brawl from their debut event.

The video is hyped to be one of the most talked about matches and/or segments of Extreme Reunion for many reasons stemming from Raven. Here is a description of the video:

Raven came to the ring in Philadelphia with a New Flock featuring La Park 5th Avenue, Jersey Shore, Skinny Pirate, and crowd favorite, Cripple H. The Flock was to take care of Pitbull Gary Wolf (who was escorted by the very sexy Christina Vicious). The Pitbull held his own for most of this, until the Sandman came to lend some beers, his trademark entrance, a few signapore cane shots, and some more beer: