High Quality Video Footage Of CM Punk Hitting A Fan On WWE Raw (HD)

– As PWMania.com previously noted, WWE Champion CM Punk attacked a fan at the conclusion of Monday’s WWE RAW. It’s unknown at this time what prompted Punk to strike a male fan in the face twice, but Vince McMahon appeared to be in shock at the exchange. Here is some video footage from the incident.

  • IndianWrestlingFan(IWF)

    Planned…security personnel moves to the back of punk just at about 0.10 second in the first video and then he was nowhere to be seen while punk hits the guy……the dude was far from punk and punk had to reach at him as the dude was putting on his glares…….all work to create interest in vince and punk storyline….

  • Sharon Mott

    This has got to be a ‘work’. Just imagine the legal implications for WWE & Punk if this was real.

  • JReynosa24

    Why would something like that be planned or be a work? Lol. Like honestly there was no point in that ever being planned cause it wasn’t. The dude obviously hit Punk in the back of the head when Punk was already pissed at the kid pushing him. Dude shouldn’t have been a dumbass. I’m sure nothing will happen to Punk because you can clearly see he was just reacting to the guy hitting him first. He went to reporters and shit cause he’s trying to have his 15 minutes of fame off of it.The guy is fine and just can’t live up to the dumbass mistake he made.

  • JReynosa24

    Plus there is no Vince and Punk storyline. It’s between Cena, Punk and now Ryback. Vince was just there to boost the ratings.

  • Fukcmpunk

    It was real if you look close you can see it clear the guy didnt push or hit cm punk he had his hands up… You can also see a guy behind him put his arm under that guy while he had his hands up and stick the middle finger at cm punk before pushing him.. A fan recorded it!! so two things 1 cm punk is a dumbass 2 the guy that really pushed cm punk got scared after he saw cm punk shove that guy in the face lol

  • Deana Ernst

    Looking at the video the other guy on the left touch punk shoulder and punk look right at him then turn around and hit this guy behind him for no reason and push him down. so i think the guy has a right to file charges to punk. cause you dont hit fans for no reason. i hope vince does something to punk for hiting a fan.

  • bob

    hahaha this was not planned at all. They didn’t even show it on television. The fan is also filing a lawsuit.This was a high tension punk in the middle of a stuffed crowd getting pushed and losing his temper. lol