Video: Hulk Hogan Talks About A Potential WWE Return, Two Things TNA Needs & More

From Fan Expo 2013 in Toronto, Canada. Hulk Hogan talks about a potential return to the WWE; he and Bischoff talk about the two things TNA needs in order to excel.


    Two things TNA needs to excel…………Talent and fans in the stands. Zero talent equals zero people in the stands.

    • yolo swag yolo

      thye have talent

  • Willey

    no no no… Hogan has it all wrong, they need to get rid of Bischoff, and also get rid of Hogan, that is how they will get the money for all of those resources, cut the dead weight

    • Ǎ.Ĵ.

      Bischoff”s company bischoffharvey is the producers of tna how you gonna get rid of him

  • David Ceasar Haphazard Brandt

    bischoff is still all teh genius he was back in wcw. he just needs the right pieces like he did. i agree hulk doesnt really have a draw anymore though.

  • xnyer

    Hogan back to the WWE he is older than dirt………….