Video: Inside Resistance Pro Wrestling Documentary

In a warehouse in Chicago, one would think Billy Corgan, founder of the best selling alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins would be hard at work on his next album, Oceania (which drops June 19th). While Corgan did bring a guitar to the Teamsters Auditorium on S. Marshfield Rd in early May, he was actually there overseeing the creative direction of Resistance Pro, a new wrestling league founded by Corgan & the Baron Brothers, Jacques & Gabriel.

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“Rock n’ roll for me at some point became too obvious and too commercial and too corporate and too predicable.” – Billy Corgan

Over the next four weeks Bleacher Report’s documentary series Why We Watch will release a new video every Tuesday going behind the scenes of Corgan’s venture into the world of sports entertainment. On the subject of wrestling, Corgan states, “It still has that rebellion built into it. There’s actually an opportunity by being radical and being rebellious you can succeed and that was exciting to me.”

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Part 1 – Billy’s New Band
Part 2 – Release 6/19
Part 3 – Release 6/26

Part 4 – Release 7/3

Want to see Resistance Pro for yourself?
Check Out Resistance Pro: Taken by Force LIVE
Friday June 15, 2012
Excalibur Nightclub, 632 N. Dearborn St.

Director / Producer
Weston Green

Editor / Producer
Jacques del Conte

Camera Ops.
Chris Cascarano
Chuck Przybyl
Simon Brubaker

Special Thanks
Jacques and Gabriel Baron
Lissa Druss Christman
Billy Corgan
Todd Frugia
Chris Nowinski
Chase Turner