Video: Interview With Chris Benoit A Few Months Before His Double Murder-Suicide

Chris Benoit interview with Galaxy radio from 2007 just a few months before his death:

  • RazielZorel

    A man who loved his job and his fans.

  • jjhayden2012

    A man who left this world too early and with a tragic and horrible ending, I will always remember his accomplishments and the character he was in the ring R.I.P Chris we all miss u

  • matthew


  • icepick360

    I really miss him as a wrestler, to me the day i found out he was dead, wrestling died with him, i just stopped caring and to this day no other wrestler has captivated my attention like he did. He was and still is my favorite wrestler. I hope we can someday move on from what he did as a person and to only remember him in his best performance, as a wrestler.